FishOn! Motel, Pulaski, NY


Welcome to Fish On! Motel
Pulaski, New York
located just 2 hours from Pennsylvania's Border!

spacerLocated just 2 hours from Pennsylvania's border and home to the world's greatest fishery, a mixed bag of the best sport fishing around awaits you in Pulaski, New York. Tail walking, line breaking steelhead, giant, tackle smashing Chinook (King) salmon, huge, always hungry, football shaped brown trout, not to mention the great bass, walleye, and northern pike fishing in this area.

spacerPlus great hunting available (make it a combo trip for deer, grouse, turkey, duck and geese) 

spacerP.S. Great ice fishing is also available minutes from the FishOn!

Take a look at some of the fish our clients caught on our driftboat and charter boat trips. With the help and guidance of Captain Mike, Captain Luke, and other fine guides at FishOn! you too will get your chance to catch your trophy of a lifetime, just like these people did.

spacerP.S. Remember, all the fish you see were caught during one year's worth of fishing. As the year's go by, we'll add each year's catch to the site.

At the Fish On! Motel, we run trips that consistently catch the most fish per day and always, you will fish with someone you'll think of as your friend by the end of your trip. We have run more successful drift boat trips in the last five years than any three of our competitors combined!

We legally catch our fish, which means, we get the fish to strike. We don't lift or snag!! Over 90 percent of our clients each year come back next year. We have 3 boats of our own plus five other guides who fish for us daily.

You should still book early to get the dates you want!!!

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